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More Collectables

Have some nice collectable for sale relating to my music history. Check them out.  Investment for the future !


Painting by my friend Tony Smith. Famous for his 'Italian Job' paintings.


newshotRC2 grand1

Limited Edition of 300 Cd's SOLD OUT.

Master for Sale/Lease deal for pressing and Download. Publishing Rights on all but two songs. Contact me.


click on the album for Amazon download.


Cushion's Mugs repro prints and box canvas of my work from above website. Click on the pictures.


click on picture for Amazon purchase.



New for 2017 !!!

The very unique Gift Puzzle Book for Grown ups. Read the short Story and guess what is the career of the item I am writing about. If you can't guess, turn the page and you see the picture answer.


Buy direct from me or from Amazon. Click on the book to see Amazon page.


£12.99 direct from me includes postage.

Email me at


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Digital created Art mugs The Ghost... click on pictures.


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Signed Framed Lyrics to my song

Hearts and Flowers £36 post free UK.





Signed unframed £25 post free UK.









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Out Now....

Acappella Beatles Album avaiable...on Amazon also iTunes any day now. Click on the write up to Amazon link.